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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Last Day Of School Makes Him Rattle

My mom calls it that, rattling. When you're babbling on and on and on without concern for other people's input or making the conversation actually two way. My ten year old, yesterday all the way to school, was rattling.
The subject? Warcraft. The released a new patch with lots of updates and changes. So our conversation on the way to school went like this.

Lou: Mom in the new release XYZ happens.
Me: Yeah I read the release notes.
Lou: AND OMG I WENT TO Orgrimmar and you won't believe what is happening outside the gates etc etc etc.
Me: Yeah I know, I read the release notes.
Lou: And so also they changed these abilities for your shaman and now blah blah blah hibbety dippety etc etc.
Me: Yeah I know, I read the release notes.
Him: OHHH and did you know that they created a new LEVEL 90 battleground?
Me: You mean, the one I read about in the release notes?

I dunno. He might've been excited about the last day of school.