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Friday, May 28, 2010

1003 Posts and Still Going

I just noticed, I hit 1000 posts and didn't realize it. I'm at 1003 now. This is 1004.
You guys have been around for some weird stuff and some good stuff and some bad stuff and it's bizarre to me that it's only been 1000. It seems like a lot more.

You were here when the twins were diagnosed with autism, you were here when babies were lost, and when a baby arrived. Through three jobs and two moves.

From what I can tell right now, things are settled. And I like it that way.

I'm not sure what will come next or what will change, but I guess if you keep reading you'll find out.

And so will I.
This is the boys with Julia in the hospital,on the day she was born. Yes, she is and was a giant.


Frank said...

I plan on being here until the sun goes super nova.