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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mother's Day Leakage

I am not a big fan of Mother's Day this year. Now, mind you, I totally appreciate that my kids and husband make the day special for me.....and I like BEING A MOTHER and think it's a nice idea that you recognize that Mom's Are Special.

But God. Right now, Mother's Day is just a reminder of how gross it can be to be a Mom.

Forget the getting used as a kleenex, covered in barf, the poop I once accidentally ate from under my finger nail (SHUT UP I THOUGHT IT WAS CHOCOLATE from an EGGO!) forget all that crap. I'm talking about the ugly post-partum biological price you pay for being a Mom.

Right now, being a Mom means I've been bleeding for three weeks in a most icky fashion. Yeah, the lovely post partum bleeding. What I REALLY enjoy is that while nursing my uterus gets the urge to kick a load down into my maxi pad giving me that "OH JESUS DID I JUST LEAK THROUGH" sort of feeling. Jesus never, EVER answers me which is quite annoying.

I've got the aching boobs and uber sore nipples from the baby who finally, three weeks out, has decided to start nursing - thanks in large to the drug Reglan that I'm taking. Have I mentioned that her version of latching on is something that seems inspired by some BDSM practice? It's not uncomfortable......it's agonizing. I mean what the hell?

My boobs are also leaking a bit, so I'm a triple-pad-threat rocking moisture absorbancy products over all my girly bits.

I've got an incision, I hear, from hip to hip - about a foot wide, where they removed my baby girl from inside me as she wouldn't come out the proper exit. It's covered in butterfly tape that allegedly is going to come off at some point on it's own.

This isn't the first time I walked this path. This path of blood and pain and general ick & malaise.

I walked it willingly three times, hell - this last time it was a definite effort to make it happen.

So what does that tell you?

I suppose it should tell you that despite the despair and horror show that creating these little creatures that make you a mom can be..........

it is worth every minute of suffering and grossness. Because there is nothing greater or more meaningful.....

than being a Mom. At least not to me.

Now my eyes are leaking. Great. You guys suck.


Kitty O'toole, soppy ol' fool said...

I LOVE this blog so much...just reading it makes me laugh,and occasionally it makes my eyes a wee bit damp. You guys to me seem to have what I always envisaged as being the perfect family; I don't mean 'perfect' as in the Disneyfied sense; you and your husband work so hard and your mutual love, humour and understanding shines through..despite all the hard times that befall us all. I don't have a clue how you manage it, yet you seem to do an amazing job..it's inspirational:)
Happy Mothers Day Gidge! ( And best wishes to your crazy hubby too xxx)

Frank said...

Happy mother's Day, Bunny!