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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

If This Van Is Rockin Don't Bother Knockin

So it's happened. We are a mini-van family.

I know a lot of people surrendered to the mini-van far earlier than we. Some went at two kids.

But even when we were challenged by THREE we stuck with the SUV option, holding onto our "WE ARE YOUNG AND HIP" concept of ourselves.

Except that, we didn't have our kids when we were young or hip. Hell, I'm not even sure we were DATING when we were young and hip much less having kids.

We had to have the van though, as we didn't all fit in the SUV with the addition of the girl-child to the brood. So we added the van and now we've got both the SUV and the VAN - so we can go EITHER WAY!

And if the van is rockin, chances are we're letting the kids listen to KORN or EMINEM so don't bother knockin - we won't hear you and it'll just offend your "age appropriate" sensibilities.


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