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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Bra Fitting Shmitting

So before she was born, I went to the maternity store and asked if they had nursing bras in size super duper wowzah and SURE ENOUGH they did. The bubbly little human that was the shop girl measured me for my maternity bra SIZE and oddly, my cup size had DECREASED from my pre-pregnancy size.

This seemed odd to me.

But whatever.

I ended up getting a sport bra style so that I could sleep in it without under wires poking me in the armpits while I slept. And before the baby came, it fit me smashingly.

A funny thing happened when they extracted that human from my abdomen. It seems that I was carrying her so far up into my ribs (I was, I felt the horrendous TUG right in my ribcage when they pulled her out) that she impacted the bra measurement. Because, as soon as she was out - my BRA WAS TOO FRICKIN BIG.

No lie. Suddenly it's like totally loose and big around me........the cups might fit but who would know.....they're too busy heading toward my waist to really be sure. I think I could actually drag the band down almost TO my waist it's so stretchy and big.

Sigh. Now I gotta go BACK to the damn maternity store and see the goofy shop girl and get a NEW bra. Most likely one with under wires to tame these bazoombahs.

How annoying.