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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Day In The Sun - With TRAINS!

There is a park not too far from us that has a gorgeous sprawling botanical garden......and on Sundays - GARDEN TRAINS. Yeah, you can imagine what a HIT this is with a certain set of short humans who live in my house.

The volunteer group who set it up and runs it has lovingly cobbled together various city and country scenes using real model train gear as well as random stuff that just works somehow even though it can be a bit silly. It's free to go and look at the trains for as long as you like. We made a small donation though - because nothing is ever free, especially not things which volunteer run.

In exchange - they gave the boys hats!

It was about the temperature of the surface of the sun that day, so we kinda gave the gardens the Griswold and rolled through them, enjoying the scenery but not really loitering much.

It was gorgeous though, with the flowers in full bloom and good smells everywhere. If it hadn't been so damned hot it would've been a great day to really take your time and just relax.

I also learned that my tiny tiny baby girl is unbelievably heavy when strapped to me. I know for a fact we carried the twins around like this to Disney tons of times. TONS. I have no memory of my back screaming. I suppose it could be age (SHUT UP NO IT IS NOT) or it could be that this is a new brand of carrier.......so that is possible.

But regardless WHAT A CHUNKY MONKEY she is. And yes, she's trying to nurse in this picture. I'm feeling better and might even make human contact again sometime soon!


julie @ the calm before the stork said...

This place looks amazing! Where is it? My kid, and husband, would go nuts. And now you know something about my life.

Love your blog. Wow.