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Friday, August 07, 2009

Welcome To Atlanta - PART 1

I've been thinking about sharing some of the local nuttiness that I find so endearing around here but I'm a slacker.
Ok they are not all endearing but they're all local and that is what slays me.

Take our local "Alt Rock" which is now just MODERN ROCK station..........

You know the station. It's the one that used to play Nirvana and Soundgarden when no one else would. So anyway, I've lived in a LOT of major metro areas and I've visited a lot. Cumulus or some of other radio conglomerate usually owns some cookie cutter station that plays HARD ROCK blah blah blah and you can count on the play list.

You can count on the DJs and the style and the stuff they advertise (headshops,strip clubs,fast food,job fairs) and the fact that INCUBUS is coming to town and only THEY HAVE BACKSTAGE PASSES. They have a music festival and they have DJs remote in clubs that are dark and gothic even though no goth bands play there anymore.

You know the station. Every major metro area has one.

Ours however is a little different. Just a smidge.

Example? Well let me give you one.....
Today a caller gives them a ring and reminds them that it's been DAYS since they played the ULTIMATE DRIVING SONG.
There is witty banter. There is wry repartee.
There is more chatter and DJ witticism and then.........the DJ agrees to unleash the ultimate driving song on usfor our evening commute............and it is.....?