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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Local Tourist:Dauset Trails

One of our favorite places since we've moved here is Dauset Trails which is a sanctuary for injured and/or bad tempered animals. We learned about it during a festival we attended right after we moved. They had a little booth and were really the only point of interest AT the festival - so we drove down to check the place out. We've been back several times now.

This time our friend Emma came along with her new boyfriend. What was good because he probably needed inspection. (kidding we really liked him).

As you can see here, we put him to work. Poor guy.

As always there were new animals, including a coyote that looked as though he wanted to eat mah babehs. He was truly fired up. It was nuts. He needed a lady friend or something to relax I swear. No WONDER that one was there.

There are lots of spots to stop and feed the animals, toss feed of various sorts into the water or into their cages. The kids loved that part. Ok we kind of loved it too. Why is it so much fun to feed animals? Some native urge to be a farmer?

It's about an hour and a half from where we live, ish - depending on traffic in the ATL which is suck-ass on a good day. It was an awesome day in the sun with mother nature and some of her creatures.
Even the coyote who wanted to eat mah babehs.

Now, I've had my fill of nature for 09. Bring me indoor events I say! It's HOT HERE!