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Saturday, August 22, 2009

So The Boy Brings Home These Orange Seeds....

No lie. He had an orange for lunch and pulled the seeds out and wrapped them in a napkin and put them in his pocket. Since we have so much room, so much YARD here - he wants to plant them.

There is a part of me (the big lazy part) that goes SIGH OH GOD WHAT? But there is the Mom part that is proud of this sweet little boy with big orange tree dreams. I wonder if it reminds him of Florida?

So his dad takes him to the store to get some soil and planting cups.
I google the how to - cuz you know, I don't know HOW TO.

And they brought home big pumpkin seeds. I dunno if it's the right time of year to germinate seeds - but by golly we're doing it!

This is the part of parenting that falls under "I don't know what I'm doing." I just realized we need to water them again. I need to go right now and do so.


Ok I'm back. So here we are, two trays one full of pumpkin seeds that allege to grow up to 500 pounds and one tray full of orange tree seeds.

He's so enamored of the process, he wants it to work so bad. I'd wave a magic wand to make it happen if I could. But the best I could do was run downstairs mid blogpost and water them. Surprisingly they still seemed a bit moist so yay us.

I am uncertain what we are going to do with 500 pound pumpkins - however.

You DO Realize that they will grow - just to thwart me, don't you?