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Monday, August 31, 2009

He Is My Baby Still

My littlest boy is the rounder of the three. I say littlest yet he's the tallest of the twins. Born last, born skinny (to me) at under 7 pounds he always looked so scrawny, so small to me as an infant. I've always had trouble thinking of him as anything but my littlest boy.

He's also rough. He has sensory troubles - he doesn't know what is too much, too much pressure etc so he's likely to hurt you playing.

He doesn't always mean to, he just doesn't experience touch the way you and I do.

He also expresses his frustrations with pinches and grabs sometimes, which can hurt quite a bit if you don't get control of the situation quickly.

However, he's also sweet, and snuggly - and has a gentle nature that showed itself a few weeks ago at the botanical gardens.

While we were taking a break from our nature walk, where we had been enjoying all the flowers and trees - we ran into another family with a small one - about one year old he seemed.
He came bobbling up toward Little Birdman, and Little Birdman ran over to him - causing his father and I to START - that boy could roughhouse a one year old pretty quick.

Instead he ran over and wrapped his arm around the baby, gently hugging him close - recognizing a smaller, defenseless creature and being amazingly gentle. He let the baby go and it toddled on it's way with it's family, but we were surprised and I know I was happy - because it showed me an intuition in him that's so important.

And it reinfoced to me that I'm right, despite his challenges - Little Birdman is such a sweet gentle boy. He just needs help learning how to show everyone.


Cecilia said...

Sweet. Really Sweet. N Tender. :)