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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Too Much For One Day

We have had just the craziest freaking day. We have two elementary schools to deal with registration at. So we had to start off our day rushing off to the big boy's elementary school where we filled out papers and more papers and more papers and signed things and listened to the stuff we already knew from last year.
There is this small evil part of me that wants to ask why the fastest growing county in America can't keep this information in a computer and be a little more green - maybe even just VERIFY it year to year vs. filling out forms. You know, technology is our friend.
After that and meeting the teacher and signing up to help with crafts or something???? we went home and I dashed off to work.
And then I had to leave again because it was time for the TWINS orientation.

And we do it all again. Fill out forms X2 and meet the teacher. At least this time we had a vested interest in the teacher as it's special ed for our little guys and we wanted to outline all their quirks and needs and fears and triggers. Plus - it was suddenly a NEW teacher. We met our kindergarten teacher LAST year and suddenly poof it's this new person.

But we loved her. She's got TWO parapro's plus the therapists and only 4 kids in the class and the class can't be BIGGER than 6. To which we said WOW.

Then we rushed home dropped the kids off with Emma and went to our first SPECTRUM meeting which is a support group for families with autistic members. Which was both great and nerve racking.

Did I mention our mortgage company got shut down by the FEDS TODAY?

Because we didn't have enough going on. Seriously. Enough. I'm done. Too many things, too much going on how am I supposed to PROCESS this much information in one day?


Frank said...

Take off your clothes, lay down, relax. The DR. will make it all better..........