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Monday, August 10, 2009

Education Begin Again

We go back to school tomorrow. I'd say I'm doing a dance of joy or that I'm weeping but I'm doing neither. I'm happy FOR them, they all three love school.
I think only stay at home Mom's do the "dance of joy" because then they get to have kid free days. Personally, all it means is that I have to get up earlier and I have KIDS to deal with vs. my own morning schedule of putzing along in a daze until it's time to ride the wild interstate to work.

I'm extremely impressed with the oldest boy's school. The child went into kindergarten with zero pre-k or other school experience and came out a reader. I mean, that's fairly stellar. A GOOD reader. He's sharp - but there's good education guiding him.

He put some of those mad reading skills to work the other night when we were out to eat He looked across the busy Atlanta thoroughfair and said to us proudly."Video Head!"

He was CLOSE to right.