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Friday, August 28, 2009

Cross Bearing

A few weeks ago, as I slipped northward on the Atlanta interstate I passed a truck which was pulled over to the side of the road. There was a family walking along the grass toward the woods. For a moment they were a snapshot in my mind.........there was
  • Dad - carrying a large white cross
  • Son - carrying a tool box
  • Mom - walking many paces behind.

Mom didn't want to be there. I could tell. Nor would I, realizing what they were doing.

They were planting a roadside cross.

I drive by it every day, and there is another in the small clearing to let us know that two families were devastated by an event. But it's the family I saw, as I slipped around the bend and headed further north, that stays with me.

It's impossible to imagine them, in their grief, going through this ritual of remembrance yet I can understand their need to remember, and to make sure others don't forget. THIS PLACE IS DANGEROUS. YOU CAN DIE HERE. LOOK WHAT HAS HAPPENED HERE - TAKE CARE the roadside crosses tell us. They also say WE LOVED THIS PERSON - PLEASE ACKNOWLEDGE OUR LOSS.

Which I do, daily, as I drive home. He was a young man, about the age of my brother Matt. He looked like a handsome young man. They've put his picture and name on the cross since that first day but I don't know when.

I think about Bobby a lot, when I see this cross - especially yesterday on the anniversary of the plane crash. I hope his family found their way to remembrance that eased their pain, and that they know that we all loved him too - and sadly acknowledge and grieve for their loss still.

And yes, bacon and cheese still make everything better.

We all still miss you Bobby.