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Monday, June 30, 2008

The Weight of Silence

Today on a family outing, as we approached a manicured rose garden I wanted to see, my husband declared NO MORE TALKING UNTIL MOM TALKS!
And we walked, holding little hands, in silence through the roses.
As I gazed on the blossoms in silence my mind flew back to the other day at the Atlanta Zoo, and a statue outside the toddler's play ground.
It was a boy and a girl, elementary school age. Very sweet, both of them playing with animals.
Their names and dates of birth were both listed.
Along with their date of death.
The same day.

Somewhere, a family doesn't have their children to bother them any more.

Somewhere, a mother is surrounded by deafening silence instead of endless dinosaur babble and twin jibber jabber.

And I declared it was too quiet, and that everyone should talk.

Because the noise they make, I can never replace.