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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's Official, He's a Dad

I came home yesterday and my son asked me if I knew that the elephants from the zoo in Tampa used to work at Taco Bell?
I caught the scent of a daddy story.......so inquired about this further.

Turns out, all the elephants in the Tampa Zoo used to have jobs at Taco Bell rolling burritos or some such stuff - as no one wants to work for Taco Bell.

At least this is what I hear.

"It's TRUE Mom. Dad told me!"


And my grandpa told me that the people in the American Gothic painting were my Aunt Margaret and Uncle Willie.

I wonder where I can get a photoshopped pic of an elephant with some Taco Bell?


EKG said...

As I was raised in a fatherless house, it was my moms job to tell us these tall tales that left us in wonder. AH those are the greatest memories ever.

Daves blogs make me want to scuba dive the reefs, your make me want to have a herd of children. What will I choose??

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

My Dad told me he used to have a cow named piggy.

My Dad grew up in West Orange, New Jersey. In the suburbs.

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