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Monday, June 30, 2008

At The End of The Day He's Thrown Under the Bus

I used to work with this L'Idiot who came back to life for me today when I read this article in Slate.

I swear to you, this guy uses the phrase AT THE END OF THE DAY ad nauseum. I have never in my life EVER met anyone using a catch phrase to no end in this fashion. We'd take turns, sitting in meetings, tallying the number of times in one day that this douche would say "At the end of the day XYZ".

I ran the winning tally on my planner one day, he used it over 40 times in a two hour meeting.

I'm a huge fan of the catch phrase, but I really only like the old outdated ones that no one uses. Phrases like "COOL BEANS", or "Peachy Keen Jelly Bean" really "melt my butter."

Phrases that use food references are superior - in my opinion.

There were some excellent ones from when I lived in Kentucky that I like to keep alive. "I ain't got no dog in this fight" is more of an EXPRESSION than a short little catch phrase but I still like it. My favorite though was the phrase of disgust "You Believe". This would be said derisively to anyone who had just said something foolish or naive.

Example: Person A - I bet we don't have to work mandatory overtime this Saturday.
Person B - You Believe.

In Tampa there was a phrase "Lemme find out" that had to be tacked onto the front of sentences for your urban Tampa cache. "lemme find out she's dating another guy" "lemme find out I need a coke". I'm not sure where it came from, but it was the rage.

It didn't even make SENSE most of the time. But it was fun to throw around.

My husband and I have a catchphrase we want to catch on. We think it'll be a lot of fun for all those tired of "jumping the shark" and "throwing person X under the bus." We encourage you all to Open the Volcano. Or point out when others do so.

And mock them for it.

It should sound like this "BOY he really opened the volcano."


Marketing Gorilla said...

At the end of the day, that guy you just opened the volcano on was a decent human being.

He doesn't talk to me anymore because I owe him $80, but he's still a good guy to jump the shark with, especially at baseball games.

Anonymous said...

He IS a decent guy - but, seriously.

Get some new verbiage.