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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The One Where I Am Tired

So I've been slack about taking my Zyrtec. Mostly because about 30 minutes after I take it, I'm DONE for the night.
Peace out - bed time.

I used to take them every morning, back in my pre-kid days with no ill effects. Something changed though and now they do a great job but they make me unbelievably tired.

Last night, at like 11pm I took one.

I slept like the dead.

But today, I can't wake up.

I went to bed EARLY last night, before midnight (this is early for me.) So I got plenty of sleep. Yet all day I'm exhausted, almost feeling drugged.

Is it the Zyrtec? Am I low in iron? I took a damn multivitamin, and am considering NOT taking my Zyrtec again except that I've got a sinus infection and could USE the decongestant. Is it my antibiotic? I should look up if levaquin can make you sleepy.


Somebody, go to work for me tomorrow so I can sleep.