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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Blogher 08 In Second Life - Some Things To Know

One of the FIRST things you'll do when you set up your AVATAR - your character - is pick a name. Second Life gives you a lovely RANGE of last names,and yeah you'll probably find that the surname WRITER is still open to choose.

And there is nothing geeky or weird about picking it, totally pick the last name that you like. But keep in mind.....the name you choose for your FIRST name is going to be what we all call you IN WORLD. So it might seem funny to choose TheBest as your first name and WRITER as your surname......until you get into world and people call you THE, or THEBEST, or worse - with typos - Thebeast.

You follow?

Doesn't have to be your real name but it can be. You like being Jane? So be JANE!

And why does that even matter? Well.....because some people who came last year STAYED! You really won't want to start all OVER with a new avatar once you build one (you might, but most people don't.)

Because there is a lot to do, and it's FREE.

What is there to do? Well......you should think of it as a chat room or bulletin board with a pulse - with a fashion sense.

Example: Ever been to a geisha show?

Ever attended a party dressed as a cupcake?

The creative side of SL is limitless. Want to make art? Share your poetry? Build, design clothes? Want to be a wildly popular SL Fashion Blogger? Want to indulge your inner rocker?

There are live concerts, there are sports. There is a whole Sim where they role play Star Wars (yeah I attended a party at Mos Eisley there once).

There is everything that exists in the real world - only without the boundaries and constraints of the real world. If you'd like to take a look at some of my in world pics of all the possibilities of a pixel social community, you can find them here.

Feel free to email me or I'll see you during office hours In World! See you soon! (You can Also IM me any time in world - I'd be glad to say hi any time!)

Welcome to Second Life!