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Sunday, June 08, 2008

A Pain In The.......(spoiler alert - I'm gonna talk about my period so boys be warned!)

They say that smell can bring back memories stronger than any other sense. You smell something and poof you are transported back to that magical day when you were six and X Y and Z happened.

But what I think, after last night's incident, is that PAIN is actually what brings back a memory.

For instance last night-
I'm sitting at the PC and the Husband is sitting at his PC and I've been having a fairly crummy period. Ankles swelling, PMS mood swings, constant unshakeable headache - in general I've been a bitch with issues. But we're having the grand opening of our new SL business "Don't Ask" and hosting a huge party and I certainly can't LEAVE.

Suddenly, out of the BLUE I'm nearly blinded with a pain. In my lower abdomen/girly bits.

The last time I felt pain like this - someone was saying "PUSH 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10!" I'm not kidding. If I could've pushed something, ANYTHING out, I'm sure I would've felt better. How grotesque is that? Like I was thinking at one point "Jesus am I miscarrying? Am I about to have some 4th month miscarriage I didn't know I was carrying?" It just isn't possible I'm pregnant with the periods I've been having, but seriously I was wondering if something very horror show was making it's way out.

And then it would go away. It got worse and worse and as the night wore on. Settling a bit on the left side. It happened repeatedly - coming on stronger each time, then rolling away and leaving only a hint of discomfort.

I was pulled to another memory, of when the husband and I were first living together and I about stood straight up in bed one morning from pain in the same region. We ended up in the ER where it was decided I was experiencing a ruptured ovarian cyst. At that time, I had no point of reference for that sort of pain. It was simply the worst pain I'd ever felt.

I guess it's one of the products of being a jaded matron - that you feel blinding, ridiculous pain and your mind just goes "Oh this is like childbirth." But you don't go running off the ER. You just sit there and think about it, digesting the sensations and wondering what is going on. I had another drink, and it helped.

But by bedtime it was unbearable so I had to pop a pain killer before settling into bed. Which did the trick - in about 20 minutes I was comatose. But this morning, I can feel it - just under the surface of my self - discomfort, something not right. I'm supposed to go house hunting today. God I hope it stays away while we're out.


dcosby said...

ok... that wasn't as scary as I thought it was going to get :-) later ....