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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Clams on the Half Shell, and Rollerskates...ROLLERSKATES!

Okay I've been thinking for days about how to write a post and use that as the title.
I couldn't come up with anything coherent.
So, I thought I'd just share some really random stuff and hope that the inanity of the title would just fit right in.

(husband, you are auto disqualified - you know the song it's playing in the car).

Second - I thought that I was given the willies enough by the Spiner Femmes - but now, we have a whole site dedicated to this....... so the real question then becomes simple to me. Is Kirk or Spock bottom?

On another topic, you are a complete asshat if you don't go to THIS site and vote on the seven wonders of the world. And vote for the damn pyramids - why is this even a QUESTION whether the pyramids are still a wonder of the world? I mean, they are the PYRAMIDS for god's sake.

And, my friend Nikki is a nurse. The claims that nurses who prep us for surgery think we all have icky belly buttons - because they have to REALLY clean them, and they know exactly how clean we are not. I think THIS is why.


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I had to look up the lyrics, just to make sure someone hadn't slipped something into your drink.

I won't give away the answer for other freaks that might know already.