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Friday, June 22, 2007

Bold Faced Lie #7 - I Met Sarah When We Were Hugely Pregnant With Twins


The only thing more uncomfortable than being swollen with not one but two humans gestating inside of you, is sitting in a meeting full of strangers staring at you with that "oh we know what you've got coming" sort of smile. And that is where I met Sarah. At the local Twins Club Meeting. With due dates close together we were tumbling big when we met, eating Tums like candy and waddling to the bathroom whenever possible.

Being pregnant with twins together is strange bonding. You're in a high risk pregnancy together but you are both going through different things, because no two are the same. Sarah was in the hospital for weeks and weeks while I plodded around big as a house right up till the day I went into labor. Sarah had the emergency C section while I did the vaginal delivery.

Sarah started blogging so she could comment on my blog one day. Aren't we glad she did?


Devra said...

I started blogging because our webmaster said we should. I didn't even know what a b log was nor had I ever read one. Yet Aviva and I began a blog. I'm not even sure Aviva was clear on what the whole Internet was. She's never been big on doing anything online except for banking.

Times change. And so now we both blog with a better understanding.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

The other really good thing about that meeting was that they let the pregnant ladies eat first.

I think I ate at least three brownies. Everybody understood.