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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Bold Faced Lie #8 - I Got Engaged at Walt Disney World While the Dapper Dans Barber Quartet Sang


A long weekend we could ill afford to Walt Disney World - ostensibly to beat the midwinter blahs started off poorly enough. Staying at a cheapie hotel where the first room had floors that were soaked with what MIGHT have been pee and the second room sucked only slightly less (the beds I swear were 3/4 size. Not even regular full sized) so we couldn't sleep comfortably together.
After a long day at Epcot I sat on the stalled monorail picking at my carefully manicured nails - absentmindedly pulling off the polish. The then boyfriend says "WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO YOUR NAILS!?" and I just mumbed "pullling off the polish"........to which he says "Oh, but your hands looked beautiful........"

Little did I know.

The next morning we RACED to the Magic Kingdom, me being pulled reluctantly and tiredly behind him - why the HURRY? My feet were screaming from the previous days journey around the park. First to the hat shot to have mouse ears made with our names on them "we have to have mouse ears" he said emphatically. Then we raced back to the front of the Cinderella castle where he insisted it was important we had our picture taken.

I told him to find a Disney employee, they are supposed to take your picture if you ask, and that way we could have one together. Suddenly strolling over was the barbershop quartet you'll find on Main Street, the Dapper Dans. In their candy colored suits they smiled and chatted and I asked "But - where is he? - aren't you taking the picture?" and one of them said "No, we're going to be IN the picture with you!" So I spotted the then boyfriend, walking around in the crowed pouring in Main street toward us. He kept darting around, looking at people.

The Dapper Dans were fidgeting.

I was getting embarrassed, because I knew that these guys had stuff to do. So I was WILLING him to hurry it up, find someone, just find someone to TAKE THE PICTURE WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL.

He handed the camera to a man and spoke to him for a minute then whirled around and walked toward me with a conviction of a man possessed by purpose. I coudln't figure out what was his DEAL until he knelt down on one knee, whipped out a little box containing a diamond solitaire (marquis cut - he WAS listening) and asked "Will you be my Cinderelly?"

At that point the Dapper Dans launched into song.

It was a Disney Magical Moment.

But he was right, I really really really wished I hadn't picked all that polish off of my nails.


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I feel guilty about "guessing" on the ones I knew about for sure... like this one.