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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bold Faced Lie #10 - I have a Cat Named LaVerne Because I have sexual Fantasies about Penny Marshall


Seriously, you didn't fall for that one did you? LaVerne was once part of a trio that included Shirley and Edna (you remember Mrs Babish the landlady right?). LaVerne and Shirely were purchased at the Pet Shop next to the Cub foods where Mrs Repressed was employed after we did a short stint of catsitting for her friend from college. After the kitty Bailey went back home.....we were kitty-less. And desired kitties.

Mrs Repressed had been eyeballing the kitties at the pet shop for several days, and then one day I happened in to check them out. There were only two left. I made a frantic phone call to her "Only two kitties! WE MUST BUY KITTIES".

So, we did. After answering that we'd like our kitties put into a box rather than a bag (who bags kittens?) we drove home with our new family members in a box between us. We agonized over names -Anastasia and Drusilla? Too stuffy. We needed a pair. A famous pair.

And then we recalled our infamous cruise from days of yore.....when we told everyone that we were going to NEAR MEXICO a la the famous LaVerne and Shirley episode. The answer was clear.

LaVerne and Shirley.

No sexual fantasy. Sorry perverts.


April Brandon said...

I'm glad that this is a lie...i was a tad concerned.

Laura said...

I remember Shirley popping her flat little face right out of the top of that box and yelling at us the whole way home. She looked exactly like a miniature Tribble.