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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Bold Faced Lie #1 - Making Out With Someone Else When My BF Arrived to Pick me Up

Yeah.........ummmmmm..........this one is TRUE.

TRUE I say.

We can say it was the end of the relationship. We can say I was younger and a lot more of a jerk than I am now. But it's True.

Mrs Repressed and I were drinking in that style that made up famous on Meridian Street in Indianapolis and had ended up at the Slippery Noodle, probably doing shots and drinking Bluesberry (I think their Indiana Amber gets renamed at Slippery Noodle, it's not blueberry flavor) beer and I know that we realized we could no way no HOW drive the 20 minutes home. So I called my boyfriend and probably said something eloquent like "COME PICK US UP NOW" If I remember correctly, I told him we were someplace else - like I forgot where we were.

So when he arrived, he not only had to run the gauntlet of bars looking for us, he walked in to find me sucking face with person X.

Now the question is........who was person X?

Man I can't remember. Stranger? Someone we knew? I just remember thinking I was going to be in shitloads of trouble for the kissing and he was most pissed at having to HUNT for us.

Mrs Repressed, do you remember who it was? Xta might have been there - I can't remember if this was pre-relocation for to NC for her. Anyone who remembers let me know. It seems a shame to have been such a jerkwad and be willing to admit it, but not remember the complete story.

Gotta love those shots of schnapps.


Mrs, Repressed said...

I, too, was trying to remember which random stranger or old friend you might have been sucking face with, and then it hit me. I believe it was "Wild Bill". Yep. I'm pretty sure. Of course, you had just pulled my head out of a trash can about 20 minutes prior to that, so I may have thought it was Wild Bill in the Tequila haze. In any case, I remember who picked us up and how extremely un-amused he was.

Gidge said...

I would like to assert now and for forever more than never in ANY tequila induced haze did I ever make out with Wild Bill.
Even, I repeat EVEN with loads of Mrs Repressed's tequila barf on my shoes.
There may or may not been Tequila barf on my shoes that night.
I am leaning way more toward random stranger, not because making out with Wild Bill would've been gross - but simple bcse he was someone we KNEW and I think it would've been a source of much hacking on the two of us - had it happened.

christa said...

i don't believe i ever really went to the slippery noodle. maybe once or twice. so i think i'm not a major character in this story.

i was going through some photos yesterday, though, and found quite a few from the piano bar down the street... ;-)

Anonymous said...

I thought it was Andy, because there was the omg moment...?