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Monday, May 29, 2006

Betty Crocker Points Dilemma

So Betty Crocker has decided to do away with their catalog, and their points system. I have a dilemma. I have a whole envelope full of these things that I have been collecting for better than 10 years. I don't have a bajillion because I never collected them THAT Faithfully - but I do have quite a few. What to buy?

I have looked at their bundt pans, their various size bread pans and thought "man if i had the time, that would be cool to make." I love to bake and the Betty Crocker catalog is a WONDERLAND of baking ideas.

The Betty Crocker catalog is something of a midwestern tradition. I don't think I know anyone from the midwest whose grandma didn't collect those points. I know I used to browse through the catalog eyeballing the Royal Albert "Old Country Roses" china......does anyone make a prettier coffee service than them? They are the foofiest china dishes on the planet but I do love them so. I have never bought anything from their catalog, so I too am to blame for their demise.

My silverware that I use to this day came from that catalog. Oneida Chatelaine, purchased with points by my own Grandma Drake. It was her extra silverware that she kept stashed in the butlers pantry in big ziploc bags. She had purchased it for when she and my Grandpa retired to Florida. She purchased a full set of grapefruit spoons, ostensibly they were going to be eating a lot of grapefruit here.

They never made it here, but their silverware did. I just stirred my coffee with it this morning. I don't actually even like the pattern. But I don't know that I could ever get rid it. Perhaps I'll put it in a ziplock and wait for one of my own children to move out and pass it along. A weird heirloom thanks to the Betty Crocker Catalog. So far it's been to Indiana, Kentucky and Florida. Who knows where it will end up next.


Devra said...

Can you convert them into Weight Watcher Points?

Gidge said...

Damn I wish. I could eat like 100 miles in one sitting if that were the case!

Becky said...

I don't even want to know how many points a FAT beer costs. Screw it. I'm on vacation.

Becky said...

I just need to make sure I don't mix it with the wine-in-a-box ... which I did last night. Bad results this morning.