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Thursday, May 18, 2006


I'm bringing back Hella. Hella is now my adjective of choice.
Hella had a brief ressurection a few years ago thanks to Cartman, so I'm going to go hella-retro and bring it back AGAIN.

I haven't posted in several days......mostly the product of being crazy busy and hella tired.

Tonight I've taken a few minutes to veg out on the computer and having read some stories online I have just a couple of observations.

Axl Rosehas decided to wear his hair like Bo Derek in 10

God has chosen to only say very obvious/likely things to Pat Robertson, I suspect he may also reveal to him something about the tides waxing and waning, and that a volcano may erupt somewhere. And look, I'm not really hacking on Pat Robertson here, but is God really bored enough to tell us stuff like this? Does he not like Pat Robertson enough to tell him anything juicy? Like, could he tell us which one is crazy, Charlie Sheen or Denise Richards? Now THAT I would be interested in. Or some sort of SPECIFIC disaster, if he wants to be disaster-themed, rather than just gossipy. After all, didn't he tell Lot WHAT city to be out of? He didn't just ring Lot up and say "Lot, there is a city that you shouldn't be in this year at some point." He was specific. God tends to be specific about warnings if he actually means to warn anyone about things.
Which makes me think he's messing with Pat Robertson.

In other completely unrelated news I am reading, under duress, a feckin brilliant book. It's called MIDDLESEX by Jeffrey Eugenides (not sure on the spelling). I tend not to read books forced on me by other people but both Becky AND Sarah said it was required reading. They were right. I'm reading it at work which is a hassle because despite sitting in a corner alone and trying to appear withdrawn people constantly SIT with me and talk to me during my lunch (also known as reading time.)

This book is hella-good.


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Totally Hella-good.

Becky said...


Wild Mtn Honey said...

I read that book too. It is pretty good.
And I totally understand trying to get away to read in private and knuckleheads who can't take a hint.