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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Sarah I am going to KICK YOUR ASS

Okay, Sarah is like a best friend to me, but I am afraid that I am now going to have to kick her ass. Because you see......she recently posted about this thing her babies have about fighting over toys - and how she just trys to get two of everything because it minimizes the screaming.
And I commented and said "Oh that's only been a problem here a couple of times...".


That brings us to Bagheera. You know - Bagheera from the jungle book? We have this large stuffed Bagheera that we got for number one son when he was little. He used to like him but has since grown somewhat indifferent to him. But of course one of the twins decided that THIS stuffed animal is his baby. And it hasn't been a problem......he carries him around, he's started sleeping with him, etc. So number two son loves Bagheera. But it was still all good.
Until Sarah Posted about the RED BOWL.
I have removed Bagheera from the living room four times as punishment to both - in the space of three hours this morning.

There is shrieking, there are tantrums. There is biting. Oh my god there are tears on BOTH parts. I am unsure if number three son actually LOVES Bagheera or just wants to take him away from number two son. But I swear to you - next time we're at the mall, I'm popping into the Disney store to see if they have any more of these damn Bagheeras.

And so it begins.


Queen of Spain said...

I swear that is just how the world works.

april said...

I'm sorry...but it was bound to happen eventually!!!

oompaloompa said...

welcome to the club, baby!

and sometimes I damn well KNOW the other one only wants it because twin sibling has it.

actually, that's most of the time.

it can only be downhill from here.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Claudia often only wants things because her brother has them.

It's that "B" baby thing.

Gidge said...

Evil Baby B strikes again.
I swear Becky should write a book about it.

frank said...

He's not evil, he was just drawn that way.

bella&jamiesmom said...

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