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Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Okay, so I'm tired of getting busted singing in my car.  Yesterday I actually saw someone bust out laughing.

Don't most of you sing in your car?  I mean, what do you  DO in your car if you don't sing?

It goes like this.  Get into car.  Start car.  CD comes on, left from my husband who leaves me a song cued up every time he's the last one in the car.  This morning it was Stevie Wonder.  "MUSIC IS A WORLD WITHIN ITSELF....."so that lasts me until I get out of the complex.  I flip around on the CD. 

Track 9 "VERY SUPERSTITIOUS - writing's on the wall....." I don't finish that one, get about half way through and realize I'm just singing the horn bops.    Flip to track 20.  "Over time, I am building my castles of love".......

Flip to radio.  80s station, don't want to sing that, flip to light rock "Just like the ocean, under the moon"I give Rob Thomas a good belt out as I'm cruising down the road.  Yes, I see you looking at me.  Leave me alone.  Turn onto the expressway. 

Flip to Country "Bermudas, flip flops and a tank top tan, he popped his first top at ten AM that's BOB  - he's our president!  Bring your Johnson, Murphy or your Evinrude and Fire'r up - meet us out at party cove......."  Go through the toll booth.  Traffic is insane, decide to get OFF expressway.

Flip to rock "Hey you hey you, devil's little sister, listening to your twisted transistor, hold it between your legs, turn it up turn it up"....listen to traffic report.  DJs start talking too much.

Turn onto back road, traffic is crazy.  Flip through CDs.  Scissor Sisters "We're gonna take your Mama out all night, yeah we'll show her what it's all about".

I sing loud.  I sing off key in MANY instances.  I don't care.  So quit looking at me.  My car is my own personal stage.  No one can vote me off that show.  I will sing back up.  I will sing melody.  I will sing the horn parts. 

I am sure that I am funny.  But you are getting on my nerves.  After all, I didn't snap a picture of YOU when you were picking your nose and put it on my blog,   And I know I look stupid singing like a rock start while driving. 

But YOU are not invisible while picking your nose.  So there.







Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I used to call my Saturn the "little green practice room".

Sing away.

Becky said...

I sing in my car AND pick my nose. So there.

Devra said...

Why was it green? Please, please let it be the color of your Saturn. I beg you!

Lori said...

I am the rockin-est rock star in my car. Screw everyone else. They can either join in or go jump off a cliff!!

Sing on! and Sing loud!!

Devra, yes, Sarah's saturn was green