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Saturday, May 06, 2006

HRT - It's not just for Grey Haired Ladies Anymore

So being on Mirena for birth control, I haven't really been having periods (okay boys don't freak out on me, I promise not to start talking in detail about oogie stuff) for a while. I went through a period where I had them constantly and now I never get a real one. Not what is REAL in my book.
But what I DO get is what you might call the PMS ramp up. I get cranky, bitchy, short tempered, easily angered, more likely to fight with people etc. Pre-Mirena I would experience this charming PMS personality alteration for a couple of days, then Aunt Martha's Big Red Bus of Joy would arrive and there would be these sense of physical RELIEF. Ahhhhhh.
There it is. Relief, I'm normal again.
What it constitutes is a hormonal shift - increase in progesterone during PMS then flood of estrogen during my period.
Well, now I get the big build up.......but no relief. I never get that AHHHHHHH. That feeling of okay, I'm better. It sort of fades without much notice but I never have that catharsis that I've been used to.
And I'm not even sure if my PMS isn't just BUILDING each time, so it starts at a higher level - which makes me MORE bitchy and crazy than I was the previous month....it sort of feels that way.

So at my annual happy fun visit at the gyno I told the brilliant Dr Irvin this.
And she said "you need an estrogen boost, you will feel better."

So for the next two weeks, I am taking estrogen. Premarin to be exact. Just for two weeks. Apparently, despite the fact that it is going to make me possibly very sad or very happy (estrogen related emotions) and I will be more likely to cry for no reason, I am going to feel much better.

She says I may have to do this for once or twice a year. A big estrogen jam session.

So if I start posting about my cat who lived for 18 years, or about how much I LOVE YOU, or I call you to proclaim these things and then start sobbing.......well.....it's not that I don't love you.

But it's mostly just the estrogen talking.

I just took the first pill. Look out Everyone.


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