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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Making Up Holidays

There are now Hallmark Holidays, and there are holidays promoted solely for the purpose of drinking (contrary to their origin) - such as Cinco de Mayo. So Hallmark reaps the benefits of Mother's Day, Father's Day, Admin Assistant's Day and their ilk and Corona and Jose Cuervo embrace Cinco de Mayo.
I am beginning to think that not only am I going to whole heartedly embrace these holidays of corporate sponsorship.......I think we should have MORE of them.
I think that more foods and drinks should have holidays.
I want a day for White Russians - perhaps Oct 25 - the day of the October Revolution could be our Russian Revolution Day! We could have drink specials on white russians, black russians.....what else people? What could we serve on that day?
What about Bastille day? July 14 would be a bad ass day to drink Cognac! Huge drunk ass champagne parties. You could serve CAKE at those parties......oh yeah....the entertaining ideas are flowing now. (Get it, let them eat cake).
Kristallnacht was a bad memorable day, why we have a drinking OR a Hallmark thing going on for that? That's a German historical date so obviously, we just drink German beer that day.
Battle of Gettysburg party anyone? Where are we going for the 1066 party tonight?
Hey what are you going to wear to the Magna Carta rave tonight? They're serving mead and what else?

I am going to party down like it's 1491 (Henry VIII's birthday party celebration, of course).


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

December 16th - Boston Tea Party Day

Sam Adams for drinkers, and tea for the sukkas.

(We could also call it Sarah and Becky's birthday pre-party day and everyone could just drink Heineken).

Gidge said...

That is also my wedding anniversary. DOUBLE REASON TO PARTAY.....

Frank said...

I married a dork.

The Valley Girl Philosopher said...

How about a holiday nine months after Valentine's Day to celebrate the babies of commercialism!