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Friday, June 02, 2006

A Few Random Items

So did you ever think you did something but didn't do it?
I am constantly doing exactly that, but today I realized that I read blogs in an order. Mine - check for comments, Xta, read comments, Sarah, read comments, flip to QOS, read comments, flip back to Sarah, Becky, read comments ....and on down the line. I might not comment myself but I am a reader (I'm TRYING to comment more but I have get interrupted a lot people)....but anyway suddenly it occured to me.
I'm always reading QOS from Sarah........I thought I added her to my blogroll months ago. WAY before Lumpyhead's mom.
So I check.
No, she's not there.

You're there now! Ooops!

In completely unrelated news Louis informed me that they put a picture of a chocolate shake and an ice cream sundae on the front of the chocolate syrup bottle "because that way it's okay if you can't cook. You can just see the picture and know what to make."

I think he might have just been patronizing me when he told me I make the best spaghettios in the world........

Oh, and...someone hit this site googling "Hot Mom Miss Bridgette"



Anonymous said...

Damn! And all this time I've been searching for "Fine Ass Miss Bridgette".

WILLIAM said...

Thanks for stopping by over at my Blog. I see that you are reading Anansi Boys. I really enjoyed that and all Neil Gaimans books.

Lumpyheadsmom said...

He's obviously patronizing you, because I make the best spaghettios in the world.

They're hella good.