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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sting - Now Working for the CIA

Okay so I admit it, I'm a little punchy from kayaking all day down the Weeki Wachee (pictures to come later). It was sunny and great, etc etc etc.
But....in even though I know that I'm brain dead and sun fried - this is the headline I read on AOL.
"Sting helped nab terror suspects" and I swear to you my first thought was "Well that can't be a good idea, it's one thing to be a goody-goody about the environment but you can't just go messing about the Al Quaida.........."

Needless to say, there was nothing about STING in the story.
But the byline said "Police supplied the chemicals."

I suppose now Andy and Stewart are up to terror fighting as well?

I think someone is having fun writing AOL headlines.......or am I JUST this tired?


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

The suspect was reported as having said "Don't stand so close to me."

christa said...

what's even funnier is that sting HAS been in the news lately. because he's announced that his next album is going to consist entirely of 16th century lute music.

i shit you not.

Becky said...

Speaking of Sting ... I just learned he's headlining the jazz festival here. The one that starts the week after we leave.

Dangit. I've been trying to avoid finding out who will be here so I won't be pissed that we'll miss them.

Too late now.