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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Here we GO Here we GO Here we GO AGAIN

Stupid Hurricane Season.
Stupid Tropical Storm Alberto.
I swear to you when I moved to Florida I had hardly ever even noticed the hurricane tracking. Or maybe it's just gotten better and more detailed.
I can tell you that yesterday my obsessive daily checking of NOAA began yesterday.
Tomorrow at work we will kick into emergency recovery mode, verifying alternate route plans for our phone systems, verifying that all employees have the emergency phone number and who is going to do what in case of emergency. I fully expect the generator to be kicking when I pull in, making sure it's operational - and sometime a fuel truck will arrive to fill that big monster up.
If we don't get fuel tomorrow, there will BE no fuel to be had.
According to the www.NOAA.org website, the tropical storm will hit the west coast of FLA. Probably won't be a hurricane. Well......it MIGHT be a 1. Or not.

AH Hurricane Season.

At least this year I don't have to stock up on craploads of canned liquid formula, eh?


OddMix said...

Good Luck! and hang on.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Gabe and I both saw the satellite image on tv and felt slightly ill until we realized that we didn't have to plan to evacuate this year.

(PS - it's much harder to find where you are on a weather map without Tampa Bay for a reference)