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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Wine Tasting Adventure

I am a beer drinker at heart. Wine has always been something that I never really could get a taste for, anything that I ever tried that was "good" always tasted like crap. I've been pretty secure in the knowledge that like my food palette, I have no real wine taste. But there is a little local restaurant where I've been a few times that offers a weekly wine tasting for $10, which includes appetizers.
So last week a few of us decided to give it a try. We had such a good time that we went back this week and good grief for the great time we had we all wish they would do it every week. Don and Marquis were particularly fond of the food!

We tried a pinot grigio from Voga, a sauvignon blanc from someone we didn't like.
We tried this one which we did like and a merlot we REALLY liked and wanted to buy a bottle.

But alas......they didn't HAVE the Merlot that Marquis was going to buy for the table. So he settled for the Voga from the first round. Thanks for the wine Marquis!

All in all it was a really nice social evening. The appetizers included calamari, shrimp bruschetta, foccaccia bread pizza and fried eggplant sticks which were right up AJ's alley since he's decided to be vegetarian.
Wine tasting has turned into a really different festive social occasion for us. It gives everyone a chance to talk and snack, plus most of us who don't actually have a clue about wine get to LEARN something and try them without committing to a bottle which we may not like.

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Wine Tasting at Paesan's $10
Having drinks and nibbling on fantastic food with your friends, PLUS learning about wine without being made to feel like a cretin? Priceless.


april said...

Sounds like you had a great time!! Wish that good ole Martinsville had something like that for us to do....lol. RIGHT!!! Like that's gonna happen!