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Saturday, January 18, 2014

There's Progress and There's Progress

One of the things that frustrates me sometimes is how autism forces EVERY bit of focus in the house into one child. There are four children who live here. They ALL deserve equal attention. But Autism doesn't see it that way, and when it will, it drives all of your energy and effort into controlling, redirecting and sorting out whatever chaos it's delivering you that day.

In the days that have passed, other things have happened in my life, but they're a blur. I worked. I did a lot of stuff there including completing a major project that went very well. It's fuzzy. I need a shower, but I'm stuck here in this chair enjoying a cup of sweet and creamy coffee (tan and sweet as my friend David says).


Because for whatever reason, we have relative peace.

There was some brotherly fighting at 8am but I'm not so sure that was "Miles behavior" related so much as twin brothers going at it. I got up however and we had breakfast with relatively little drama. Food was consumed. Coffee was shared.

I came upstairs and brought Miles. He's been listening to various songs on YOUTUBE for a while but has landed on TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALLGAME - his favorite, after some time. I'm impressed how long it took him to GET there. Usually it's his first choice.

That's what's happening right now. This is the fabled LIVE BLOGGING you've heard so much about. Pretty damned amazing isn't it?

What else is going to happen today? Will it stay calm?

I don't even know. I know this coffee is good and the shower is calling me. That's about it.