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Friday, January 17, 2014

It's Always Something or Something Else

Autism is wearing us out as a family. I know it's just a turn of the wheel and in a few days it'll be back to it's normal level off crazy stress vs. this ramped up version. But MAN, I have to admit I don't even know how we're supposed to deal with it sometimes.

This morning Miles was a sweet, delightful boy. He crawled out of bed and into my arms and there were kisses and hugs. He drank his milk, and there were more kisses and hugs. He played with his little Leap Frog dog thing and laughed and giggled when it said his name. We shared coffee and tickles.

When the bus came, I took a small cup of Coke out and said "No spitting. Say NO SPITTING." He repeated - NO SPIT. I said "You get COKE if you DO NOT SPIT! OK?" He said "No spit." again. I gave him a drink and we said it again and again and again. After a few drinks he wiped his mouth and said "bye please" indicating he wanted to go.

His bus driver said his spitting and screaming was intermittent on the ride in yesterday. I had a long talk with her, and thanked her because seriously, driving a kid who is screaming and spit has to suck.

My husband gets so upset and stressed out that he has an ulcer now. He loves Miles just as much as I do, that's his little sweet boy too. How can you look at this sweet boy and reconcile this little JERK who keeps attacking and hurting Charlie & others?

We talked last night about what do we do? Medicate? Get him a pet? Then I wonder what kind of pet? Would that matter? I'd get him a WHATEVER today if it would help? I am going to contact someone who specializes in behavior - these people don't take insurance however. Isn't that nice? I figure they don't take insurance because they don't have to, which really makes me NOT WANT to have anything to do with them.

I've looked at the MARCUS CENTER website repeatedly. I did register for information but, their website is so confusing and overwhelming. There needs to be a "I need help and don't know what to do" page. That's what I need.  Of course I remember what jerks they were to me on the phone when I was trying to get the twins tested for Autism. Really, all about the money is all they are, based on my experience. They wouldn't even TALK to us without 2k per kid up front. I find it hard to believe you are actually interested in helping ANYONE when you talk to a worried parent like that.

So, I'm having my second cup of coffee and considering getting up off my butt to go to work. I don't know what the weekend holds, I'm either dreading it or really looking forward to it. I'm not sure which it is.

A picture of PO the Panda from the Atlanta Zoo. Just because I can.