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Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Tunnel of Carpal

As a manager of people who use keyboards, for the past oh 20 years or so, I've always been a skeptic of carpal tunnel. I WOULD SAY NONBELIEVER in fact. But of course, like all things I don't believe in, it ends up happening to me and with a vengeance. My right hand was so whacked and numb and useless the past couple of weeks that I actually started cleaning my office at work, vs doing reports and stuff.

That's how you know it was bad, I chose CLEANING.

It was a busy week regardless, we had science night at school where we all went to see the robot Louis and the robot team have been working on. They can make it run around a room and fight with other robots. I'm guessing this is how SKYNET gets started.

We also went to the science room where there were crafts, according to Julia. In fact we were supposed to be making a cell. Julia just thought it was great to glue buttons onto things. She doesn't respect the cytoplasm, clearly.
We also spent the week getting ready for the big Boy Scout soap box derby. Louis this year was the coolest kid on the block and made a DALEK.
He didn't win anything this year but the admiration of all the nerds and geeks on my FACEBOOK page, which is really alright with me. Nerds and geeks run the world, after all. :)

We may go to a home remodeling show today. I would like to win the lottery and have someone come in and completely redo this house. I love my house. But I lack the mental fortitude to do all the things I want done to change it.

I'm just glad my hand works again. It's good to be back at the computer.

Now, time for WoW. :)