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Monday, January 27, 2014

She Gave Me A Buck

The girl child is willful. I'm sure I've mentioned this. Very, very willful, is my female progeny. Saturday night she was bouncing around at the gate that is between the dining room and the kitchen - a metal gate - when her brother noticed she was acting like she was biting it.

"Julia stop biting that gate!" he said.

At which point she jumped up, and promptly bashed her tooth right out of her mouth.

There was screaming and there was crying. There was terror and panic until I realized it was simply that she'd knocked out a baby tooth. There was a LOT of blood. She declared she would NEVER brush her teeth again.

We softened the event by teaching her all about the tooth fairy. We also thought this was a brilliant ploy to talk her into sleeping in her own bed - RIGHT? Look, you have to sleep in your own bed, so the tooth fairy will come! And we have a special pillow from Disney with the Fairy Godmothers on it, with a wee pocket for the tooth and everything. PERFECT.

Except that she was then so EXCITED because a fairy was coming that she couldn't sleep. Every noise - IS THAT TINKERBELL? (The tooth fairy is now Tinkerbell FYI). She heard a train coming "Is Tinkerbell on a train?" On and on, she'd drift off and then BOOM AWAKE. At 1:30 am I called it and we piled into my bed together snuggled up like bugs and collapsed asleep.

The next morning, I'm not sure what I expected, but at least excitement. We went into her room, looked at the pillow and she pulled out a dollar bill. "She left me a buck" she said flatly, and then starts hunting through her pillows and stuffed animals. "Where is my tooth? Where is my new tooth?" and began to cry.

Oh dear. It turns out she thought that the tooth fairy was going to bring her new tooth and I would put it in. I told her that now that the tooth fairy has visited, now the NEW tooth can start to grow but that it will take some time.

I really can't believe she wasn't at ALL excited about getting money. She was completely disinterested. Whose kid IS she anyway?