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Monday, January 06, 2014

The Polar Vortex Of DOOOOOOOM

Atlanta is hurtling toward record cold right now as I type. The temperature dropped five degrees from when I pulled out of the office to when I arrived home. When I pulled into the driveway, I found my husband under the house wrapping the pipes and my son helping.

It's cold.

According to Weather.com it's 14 degrees right now.

We haven't seen a single digit temperature in Atlanta in a decade they are saying, definitely not since I've here. They are on TV explaining to people what WIND CHILL IS and how fast you get frost bite. It's a reminder of childhood that honestly I could've done without. I live in the south for a reason.

They're saying the low will be 7. I question that. Why is it going to stop at 7? I'm curious.

What I do know is that this POLAR VORTEX has certainly brought out the armchair scientists on my Facebook. They know a lot about Polar Warming it seems and like to send pot shots out to Al Gore.

PSSSSSST. You might wanna look up what Global Warming includes.

Just saying.

As for me, I've got my slippers on and a space heater at the ready. I'm a northern girl.

Bring it mother nature. I weathered the blizzard of 78 in a house with no insulation.

I can do 7.