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Thursday, April 04, 2013

Bad Parenting Karma

Everyone has those bad parent moments. That moment where you are inattentive, or you're too short of patience. You get annoyed or quick tempered when you shouldn't and then you feel like a jerk.

It happened to me on Monday. Very specifically I got very angry with a two year old girl who turned off the computer I was working on. In truth, I was playing WoW so I wasn't working at all. WOOOOP computer was logged out. "JULIA!" I said angrily. And then I blathered on like a cartoon parent "YOU NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER TOUCH THAT BUTTON ON MOMMY'S COMPUTER! NEVER NEVER NEVER!!"

About 20 minutes later, full of regret because I'd just yelled at my beloved girl for killing my VIDEO GAME, I launched into I WILL BE A BETTER MOTHER mode. She was being silly and turning on the radio so we could dance, and how could I refuse? I swooped her up and we laughed and danced around, singing her version of Old McDonald which actually seems to involve McDonald's not OLD McDonald when suddenly...


A wave of numb blasted through my foot. I looked down, and saw that my right pink toe was laying horizontally inward. Nearly perfectly horizontally. It didn't hurt. Julia cried "MOMMY YOUR TOE!" and I sat down hard on the hope chest at the end of my bed, and took in the damage. I gently pushed it back over a bit, more into the place where such a toe might go.

This was when it looked like THIS:
The initial break
I called my GP but he referred me to an orthopedic surgeon who declared it broken and dislocated.
My bones for your viewing pleasure
I wasn't all that worried about what they were going to do, which was a small mistake, as the shots to numb it up hurt as much as breaking it. But after they let it all get good and numb, I didn't feel anything when they straightened it all out. Yank pop crack and voila - it was all straight. I went home and took painkillers and tried to be a bit restful.

I felt pretty good yesterday, honestly. Felt fine being on it, especially without my shoe on, and so gave the kids a bath, emptied the dishwasher nothing big (but hey for that it's like massive housework).

Today? Not so much. It's swollen and bruised and just yuck.
Today's special feature is SWOLLEN
Today it's swollen and horrible. And it hurts. I'm writing with ice on it, on the laptop watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with the little ones.

I feel like this is karma overdose, Universe.

Just saying.

Btw to those who asked - yes INDEED SAME TOE


Sascha Frangilli said...

Nah not bad karma, you can NOT be the perfect Mom all the time dear.