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Sunday, April 14, 2013

In Love With Food

So subscription boxes are all the thing right now. I get Birchbox which for about 10 bucks a month delivers a box chocked full of beauty stuff to me, samples - sometimes oversized samples and then at least one full sized item. Usually the full sized item is about worth then 10 bucks on it's own, or close to it.

My April Birchbox
I like it. It's a treat and I've actually discovered some things I would never have tried on my own plus heck I think I solely live on the various old lady creams they always include.

But the one box that's sweeping the world is GRAZE BOX. Which is awesome, it's full of gourmet nibbles for you to sample and try out. That's super, except, you can't get one. They are invitation only and each subscription includes ONLY one subscription to pass out. So it's not like your friends can invite you willy nilly.

My husband discovered LOVEWITHFOOD.COM . Which is the same principle, for a small monthly subscription you get a box of goodies to sample and nibble. But what's great is that they also donate a meal which they give you all the details about on their website.
Our new subscription box lovewithfood.com this is so yummy
Last night we tried out the Smoky Chili & lime garbanzo beans. They were like LIME LIME LIME LIME FIRE.
Which was really pretty good.

So If you like to try adventurous new things, check out Inlovewithfood.com cuz god knows you can't get a Graze Box.