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Friday, April 05, 2013

6 am is Charlie's hour

When you are one of four children, born third, you have very few hours in the day that are yours alone. Your space has always been occupied by at least the two children that came before you, if not also by the one that came rolling along when you were six.

But my Charlie has the time, Monday thru Friday, from 6:20 am until 7:00 am that is his alone. His with his Mommy, and he doesn't have to share her with anyone.

We spend that time watching Sesame Street, and giggling at Cookie Monster, and giggling harder at Grover. We put on shoes and jackets. Sometimes we share coffee. He sits on my lap, sometimes he hugs and kisses me, sometimes he just sits as close as he can.

But Charlie's favorite mornings are the ones when it's not TOO cold, and he and I go out to the porch to swing and wait for that little bus to come. We swing, and listen to the birds. Sometimes the wind blows too hard and we shiver. Sometimes there are squirrels and once I was certain I saw a coyote dart away.

I watch the trees sway and listen to the wind sing in the fir trees and Charlie laughs and giggles at our morning fun. I note which trees are finally going to bloom and try to sip my coffee as an excited 8 year old keeps hopping on and off the porch swing.

Until 7am, it's just us on the planet. It's a quiet but giggle filled world most days. I am glad we have this, despite how early an annoying it feels sometimes. It's nice once in a while, to just do nothing but observe the world and my Charlie in it.

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