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Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Broken Toe Is The Stupidest Injury Ever

So it's been two weeks. The toe is finally getting better. But not without having to go to the doctor one more damn time because suddenly it went numb.

Which was kind of scary - suddenly - toe is numb and doesn't feel like it's part of my foot.

Turns my toe was just swollen and the pressure of said edema was pressing on the nerves causing the numbness. Put your foot up and drink water and stay off of it.


I couldn't do anything fun with my family even though it's the end of spring break so it was a bummer of a week. I had hoped to be able to go down to this fun event at the Atlanta History Center with sheep shearing and old time farm fun (candle dipping and biscuit making I'm sure) and well, my oldest child informed me that my foot was hurt and that I needed to rest.

He told me that no, I didn't need to go out walking.

And that was that.