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Sunday, July 29, 2012

To The Snoochie Booches Who Used to Own This House....

You might remember, if you've been around here for a few years, that back in 08 we fought the box spring battle that truly, felt like the ultimate box spring battle. We survived, and even bought another mattress and box spring since then, getting them up and down the stairs with relatively little drama or tears.
But our box spring broke apart last month and had to be replaced.

The husband has serious arthritis issues and his back bothers him quite a lot, so he did a lot of bed shopping and then I followed up and we picked a bed we thought we both liked it. So paid them the crazy amount of money for the bed that was required, getting a GOOD bed this time, and had it delivered.

We anticipated a certain amount of drama getting it up the stairs. It was, after all, thicker than the previous mattress and box spring so it wouldn't wiggle as easily but still, we had to knock out some of the ceiling when we moved in, we felt we knew the drill.

We led off with more of the ceiling being knocked out there over the landing, and a hole accidentally getting punched in the drywall. This wasn't a good start.
But still, we felt like we had a good grip on what we were gonna do. The oldest boy and his dad tried for four hours to get it upstairs. When I got home got the mattress up - but the box spring would not go.
This is the box spring perfectly wedged between the ceiling and stairs. It wouldn't go another inch. No matter what. Because it was thicker than the old one, we were right - no wiggle room. It was stuck and would not budge no matter what we did. We needed inches - and not that many. But how?

Funny story here. Upon pulling up carpet - we learned, that the PREVIOUS owners of this house had done exactly the same thing. You should've seen the way these stairs were put back together. It's like if you and a buddy got drunk and made stairs. So we were hopeful that this amount of space would do it.
But it didn't. So the husband put the stairs BACK and we went to bed. And then the next night....
We did a few more steps. But again, this wasn't enough for the box spring to go. So, after taking down all these stairs, my husband had to put them all back again so that the kids could use the stairs safely and we all went to bed AGAIN (btw we were sleeping on the floor with our new mattress).
It was the third night, the third magic night that the husband sorted out exactly which the previous owners had taken out to get THEIR OWN beds up and down. Once we got the box spring past halfway - UP IT WENT.

So, you Snoochie Booches who used to own this house. WHAT A BUNCH OF JERKWADS YOU ARE.

Ugh. Every single day we find some other jacked up thing they hid I swear.

But, the bed is awesome. It was almost worth it. BUT NOT QUITE.