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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Facebook Is A Mystery

I'm not sure how all the people got there, the people on my FACEBOOK.
Some of them I know. I look at their updates with a bit of interest. I work with some. I used to work with some. There are the personal friends and the family.
But then, there are OTHER.
First of all, the Attorney General of Florida is there, Pam Bondi.
I don't know why. I don't live in Florida any more, and I don't think she was the Attorney General when I lived there. She would've had to have added me. What's the motivation there?
There was the weird dude from the Evil Empire who is the night janitor. I'm positive we didn't have a night janitor when I worked there, nor did we ever know each other. Why did he add me?
I agree I'm cool but really, I'm kind of persona non-grata around there.
There is a girl on my Facebook who I thought was someone I used to work with,thus approved, but now, this former redneck/somewhat racist seems to have multi-racial family. I'm confused if she changed or I added a stranger. I mean, yay if she changed but.....I guess I'm a cynic and not betting on that.

There are the various women who seem to be wives/girlfriends of guys I know who added me. Some of these guys I dated. Some of these guys I did not date, nor even shag. Girls, add me all you want. If you old man is up to shenanigans, I promise you it's not my MY Facebook wall nor anyone else's.
Unless you married an idiot.

I look at Facebook maybe once or twice a day on my phone, maybe once a week on my computer. Maybe not that often. I'm not addicted. I tend to just approve people because I have worked a lot of places and can't remember who everyone is.

I quit looking for people much, simply because, I've pretty much got the people I know and love. Random people I haven't seen in 30 years, I am unsure how much we really have in common anymore. So generally these days I am just adding people who add me. Except for my best friend in grade school. THAT BITCH WON'T ADD ME. FINE! I don't wanna be your friend anyway! I guess I see her point, it's been oh, 30 as pointed out above - really, do we need to connect? Nah.

I guess I'm gonna have to slow my roll though adding people, because I don't need to be adding crazies, and obviously since the internets are full of crazies that's what I'm doing.  

Except awesome folks like George Takei. Facebook needs more of you. And less of people posting pics of toeless people and saying we should thank Jesus for our toes. 

Seriously, stop with the toeless people.