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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Then There Was My Foot

I would describe it as comedy except it's not funny. I would worry about having developed a wee bit of Munchausens's syndrome except that, I'm really not enjoying it not even sub-consciously I promise.

My never ending parade of doctors goes on though,  I think at 43 you require more doctors than at 33 or 23. This SEEMS to be true. I've seen more "ologists" in the past six months than I've seen in my whole life.

The neurologist who treated me for the brain cloud has declared me brain cloud free. That's a good thing except for the fact that they don't know why I got dizzy and my brain got numb and stuff. So, we'll call that the Brain Cloud and move on I suppose.

Then after my surgery last week which I survived, it was on for a follow up to my rheumatologist who rocked my life by adding more vitamin D to my world . I had some blood work done to check my levels and turns out, even after the monster doses I took and my daily supplements I'm still freaking low, at 22 which is just above the line of MADLY deficient. So back to mega doses and then more mega doses plus daily supplements. I told her that I really felt much better, but since my level was like 12 last time, she said "Think how great it's going to be be when you feel GOOD." So I guess YAY for that eh?

While I was there, my foot came up.

Funny thing about my right foot. It's really hurt for a long time. New shoes hurt. Old shoes hurt. I got the new shoes because I thought it was the old shoes. I have sneakers and work shoes and summer sandals with a wedge heel. They all hurt a bit. Some more than others.

Another funny thing, my rheumatologist is a wee woman with the ability to put your thumb into your flesh into a way that makes grown men weep. So I showed her where my foot hurt, and she put her thumb so far in my foot I think the nuckle was hidden and wiggled it around while I GASPED FOR AIR AND PRAYED FOR DEATH, and then said "Oh, that's a break. Did you break your toe or anything recently?"

Yes I did. IN 2011.

So, xrays and a bone scan to determine the extent of the break is coming and then we figure out what to do ABOUT MY FOOT