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Saturday, July 07, 2012

Diary of a Two Year Old Princess

I am not saying she's spoiled.
OK I am.
She's spoiled.

I can't really help it. First of all she's hilarious even in her tantrums. Second of all, she's SUCH a girl that she just melts me with her lovey snuggles and cuddles and affection.

I think she gets away with way too much though, simply on account of her cute. Disobedience, defiance, doing things her own way when she is very specifically told NOT to, she counts these things in her repertoire of acts.

But what I sort of adore the most is her INSISTENCE that she be paid attention to when SHE wants it.

This morning, I made her go in the living room while I cleaned up breakfast. This was NOT on her agenda, so she had a wee fit of pretend crying, putting her face in the sofa as I walked off to the kitchen. I could hear her, making lots of noise at it "MOOOOOMMMMMMYYYYYY" but, disingenuous as any two year old ever was. After about 20 minutes I realized Charlie needed changed as he was muddy and called him to get cleaned up.

She tries to climb up on me "I want up, I want up."  I hugged her and told her I loved her, kissed her cheek and said "Charlie needs changed now" and put her down.

At which point she stomped a foot at me, made a very cross face and said "BUT I CRYING!!!!"

Yes. She is a two year old Princess.

She better marry a lawyer. No one else is going to be able to afford her.