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Sunday, July 01, 2012


Ok I dunno wtf is actually going on. I've had two "episodes" so I think this might actually OFFICIALLY make me an old woman. It's sort of, non-specific dizziness and bad feeling. We've ruled out heart and are now in the process of ruling out head. I had an EEG this past week.
I have some take aways from that entire process that I want to share.
First of all, you get to sit in a very comfy chair with a warm blankie, the kind they keep in those warmers at the hospital. This is a good thing.
My technician/nurse/whatever professional person who did my test was super sweet and told me crazy family stories that made me laugh while she hooked me up. That was all pretty awesome really. Except what I didn't realize, was that as she was attached these electrodes to my scalp, she was sticking them into this goop.
I had to go to work, with my hair full of wax. If you are on my plurk TIMELINE you got to hear me RAVE about this for, oh....8 hours about.

I also told people I got the bukkake special, because that's funny to me.

That meant I got to tell people what bukkake was. I think it's important to share information about other cultures. Don't you?

MRI next week. YIPPEEE!!