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Saturday, June 09, 2012

A Day For Us

The local autism awareness and support group SPECTRUM had their annual Family Fishing Day and we made the trek over to Grayson (the other side of the earth) to we could have a great day with other families like us.
I kind of love this event, we've been a few times in the past.
No one looks at us like WTF here. No one wonders what is WRONG with those kids and why do they act like that?
Because it's full of a hundred or more families EXACTLY LIKE US. Siblings who do without, or constantly make concessions because of the special person in their family. Parents who always look slightly weary and worn out.
But it's so much fun.
The fishing is free and there are horse back rides as well as a petting zoo and lots of other fun, sensory friendly and kid friendly things to do, plus a great day by a beautiful lake hosted by a lovely family who allows us to do this on their land every year.
We had a great day in the sun. A day where we didn't have to look around to see if we were a spectacle, where it didn't matter how crazy we acted.

Because today, we were just like everyone else.