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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

So Anyway I Went To New York

I am going to admit to being severely geeked out about having gone to New York. I had never been, and didn't really know what to expect. It wasn't as big as I thought, except that it's huge. And it wasn't as, ominous as I expected.
Also - the Holland Tunnel has a Home Depot (just to the left out of this shot, I SWEAR it does on the Jersey side.)
 I was in NJ for four days for work and a colleague and I decided to brave the city. In the course of three hours we did Little Italy, Chinatown and Times Square. I call it Griswalding NYC. But time plus parking prices required it. I mean, parking HOLY SHIT NEW YORK.

Not joking, that's mortgage money for the monthly rate in a lot of the US.

But it was exciting, racing through such a small part of the city, and exhilarating. To be adventurous, we ordered something crazy and random off the menu at our chinese restaurant we chose. Jellyfish anyone?
I tried it and my review is, salty, cold crunch horror. 

But it wasn't all a nightmare, I also had some red bean dim sum which were amazing and delicious and practically enough to call dinner they were so big. I've never seen red bean paste balls so HUGE! 

SO good. Plus, it was just exciting to BE there. To say "I'm in Chinatown, in NYC!" That's probably silly but, at my age, it was sort of a bucket list thing to me. I might never go a lot of places, but now, I've been to New York and SEEN it myself. It's so much different than TV and movies.

It's a million times better.
And who is that girl at the bottom of the jumbotron in Times Square?
That's ME!

New York is awesome. I can't wait to go back.